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The finalists in the character competition are as follows:

"Skid" by Jean-Louis Sirois

"Andy Warthog" by Corvus D. Elrod

"Marcus Roadkill" by Geraldo Ramos Falci Jr.

"Root Monkey" by Colin Panetta

"Lucille" by Stathis Riso

Many thanks to everyone who submitted entries.  It was really difficult to narrow the field down and it's a real shame that we couldn't choose everyone.

Below is the artwork for each character (as drawn by Steve Ince) along with their original description.


Andy Warthog by Corvus Elrod

Andy Warthog is considered by many to be a genius, an artist responsible for turning the establishment on its ear with his mass produced art and avant guard films. He certainly is prolific, his loft space is filled to overflowing with boxes of art, film footage, scribbled notes, and found objects not yet turned into art. No catalog of this material exists, but his entourage claims that Andy keeps a mental index of every single item in every single box.

To others, Andy is an off-putting quiet little boar, hiding his social awkwardness behind the piercing gaze of his camera lens. When caught without his Super 8 shield, his timidity causes any number of nervous tics, from involuntary grunts and snorts, to incessant fidgeting, chain smoking, and even fainting. It is rumored that when approached with the correct detachment, Andy is charming, funny, and even insightful. This is a side of him, however, that very few are privileged enough to see.

Despite, or perhaps because of, his excessive quirks, Andy is almost always surrounded by people. Artists and musicians of all stripes and degrees of success can be found lounging around his loft. An atmosphere of wild abandon envelops Andy, but he remains the eye of the storm, watching and recording it all, and filing it away. It's quite likely that this atmosphere is just another shield for Andy.

Often, a criminal element is attracted to the outskirts of the scene, viewing it as effective camouflage when they're on the lam. Typically, when detected, they aren't made terribly welcome by Andy's entourage and end up leaving as quietly as they arrived. It's unknown how this group of creative people manage to scare off hardened criminals, but it's not hard to imagine that Andy's every watchful camera and incomprehensibly labyrinthine filing system have something to do with it.


Lucile by Stathis Riso

Character Name: Lucile

Gender: Female

Race/Species:. Lemming

Background:. Lucile is 25 years old; a feat extraordinary as her species doesn’t live more than 2-3 years.

 When she was a baby she was bought as a pet to a small girl. After a year the girl believed that Lucile had to follow her destiny and so she took her to the sea and threw her over a cliff.

Fortunately, Lucile survived (she never learned how, and never came to find why she has been given from that day on such a stretched lifespan); but anyway, from that day on she has been travelling to many different lands through the sea and the land.

Lucile had taken part in enough adventures and has a large quantity of knowledge over many things; she herself doesn’t know, how important some of the things she know, are.

She has met many other animals from different species and made enemies and friends, got into heartbreaking stories and uncovered lost mysteries and history forgot truths. (Her belongings are reminders of her most biggest adventures).

But her time is coming. Her brown fur has taken a grey shade the past year and she knows her time finally comes; she has also lost some of her strength and cannot run, swim and travel as she once could. For all of the above, she has started her last trip [towards the tropical islands] (or wherever you need the char to be :) ) she had seen her “important” ones fro the last time and now just wants to face death alone. But she is happy in meeting new faces; as she was always.

Lucile has “evidence” of her adventurous life. She has her tail trimmed shorter, mostly not visible anymore; she has a deep scar that “travels” from her belly to her right foot (not the front-hand-foot); lastly she doesn’t have fur to a spot to the left side of her belly, a furless spot shaped as a crescent.

Extraordinary Traits/Abilities: her health and age (she is 25 years old!)

Major Deficiencies: She is weaker that she was and will die soon.

Favourite Thing: Her platinum ring. [On a side note, she adores honey (see “mood swings”) and homemade milk cookies.]

Mode of Speech – Accent: She has a British accent and sometimes tends to speak with proverbs, as also with phrases and words of famous theatrical plays.[She never uses the words dearie, sweetie and the likes at her conversations.] {Explanation: she prefers to give hints and not the whole answer to the questions she has been asked; if she did then the questioner would actually learn nothing.}

What makes them laugh: To be called “rat”, or nowadays “old rat”.

What makes them cry: Nothing, she has seen so much in her life that nothing can make her really sad.

Mode of Dress: A yellow light scarf taken from China, a blue beret taken from France, a pair of athletic shoes (red) taken from America; lastly, she has a small plain platinum ring that she has obtained as a gift from Africa.

Their work: Adventurer

Mood swings: She keeps being kind (sweet and wonderful) but has bursts of anger in frond of unfairnesses and anything made with bad intentions. She also doesn’t accept the idea of anyone being “over the others”, she believes that all have their experiences and that whatever those are, they are important. [She adores honey; she becomes much much…much more kind and helpful when she eats some (getting drunk with honey? :P ).]

She likes to make funny remarks of  “how many bad situations someone can get into”.

Suggested gameplay role: Her knowledge (see her as being a lovable old “rat”-grandma with much experience to share.


Marcus Roadkill by Geraldo Ramos Falci Jr.

Character Name: Marcus Roadkill

Gender: male

Race/Species: Werehuman cat

Background: Marcus is the last living member of the Furry Roadkill Bikers Gang. He lives in a road bar, The Furious Furry. He claims a monstrous Werehuman ate the rest of the gang. Now he lives to find his nemesis, who stalks around the local forest every full moon night, and avenge his friends. Little does he know that he is the Werehuman! Of course he talks much about it, and does little. He’s a coward.

Extraordinary Traits/Abilities: He turns from a small, thin cat into a huge muscular military-like human everytime he looks at the fullmoon.

Major Deficiencies: Marcus won’t admit it, but he can’t really drive a bike. He was the leader, but was always getting around with the gang in a sidecar in one of the bikes. He’s also a coward, but likes to play the very tough guy.

Favourite Thing: His stone skull necklace. He uses it tied to the right arm and never takes it off. He thinks it protects him from the werehumam. He doesn’t know that it’s the thing that makes him change as he doesn’t even know he’s the werehumam…

Physical Attributes: He’s about the same size as Scout. He’s also very thin and deep purple furred. In the human form, he’s huge, extremely strong. He’s got military style purple hair. He’s face has a very insane expression.

Unusual Mannerisms: Marcus likes to play the tough guy. But, once you start talking to him you can easily notice he’s much closer to a complete coward. As a human, he is big, bad and mostly unable to say two words that make sense in a row.

Mode of Speech - Accent: He’s distrated enough to reveal his coward acts when talking about himself and his past. He always notice it a bit too late and changes his speech so that he sounds tough. As a human he can’t really talk much…

What makes them laugh: Silly jokes. He laughs at all of them. Even the ones that are not funny.

What makes them cry: Pain. Any amounts of it. Unavoidable death too.

Mode of Dress: He’s always with his black jacket and black fingerless biker gloves. His stone skull necklace is always tied to his right arm. The jacket lacks part of the right arm, so the necklace is tied to that area of the arm. Human version uses only a shredded pair of military pants (that common jungle camouflage one). Don’t ask me were he got it… the amulet is still tied to the right arm.

Their work: He’s the owner, but spends most of his time fooling around the bar.

Mood swings: He’s generally friendly. Can get very angry if someone tells him he’s a coward. He gets very “cautious” when talking about the werehuman. The human version is angry all times.

Suggested gameplay role: Scout needs the necklace for something. Scout may think it is a key, but it actually is another thing. He agrees to help get rid of the werehuman in exchange for it. One note is the human never ate anyone.  They just ran away and never came back. They probably knew Marcus was the human monster and never tried to tell him. Other note, anyone using the necklace will turn into the same “human monster” under the sight of the fullmoon. The player could get to play with the monster at some point in the game.


Root Monkey by Colin Panetta

Character Name: They are widely referred to as the Root Monkeys

Gender: They are a species. So there are both males and females, although there is no physical difference between the two (that shows outside their loincloths, that is).

Race/Species: Most likely man made.

Background: The Root Monkeys are thought by most to be a myth, as few civilized people have ever ventured far enough into the woods to see one. They make their homes in Wurlitzer Trees, which only grow in the heart of deep woods where urban interference is at a minimum. The exact origin of the Root Monkeys is unknown, but many fables have been created over the years to account for their existence. The most probable explanation is that they were a scientific experiment that escaped into the wild. It’s commonly believed that many years ago there was a scientist attempting to cross mammals and reptiles. The scientist lost his funding and became so distraught that he simply abandoned his lab.

The tree that the Root Monkeys make their home in is famous not only in its rarity, but for the fact that it creates large spaces under the ground where it's root system burrows. The tree itself is hollow, so the only way to access these spaces is through the top.

It is said that the Root Monkeys are still hurt by the abandonment of their creator, who was very kind to them and loved them. They think of him often, and still hope for his return. This story is supported by sightings of drawings of a man’s face carved into the trees around where the Root Monkeys are said to live. Following these portraits is the way that most people attempt to locate the Root Monkeys, but it is rarely met with success.

Extraordinary Traits/Abilities: Perhaps because of their supposed scientific background, the Root Monkeys have tough leathery hides. This enables them to effectively use their large forearms as shields. They are also capable of making rudimentary tools, and know how to start campfires.

Major Deficiencies: If the stories about them being part lizard are true, then it could be theorized that they are lethargic in cold temperatures. Also, they are very small. One or two Root Monkeys do not pose much of a threat to your average man.

Physical Attributes: Head to toe the Root Monkeys are only about two feet tall, but they are very heavy. They walk mostly on their knuckles by moving their oversized forearms, and their little legs kind of hobble along beneath them. Their arms can be very powerful. While one Root Monkey provides little threat to a normal sized person, their tribe-like nature causes them to stick together, and as a swarm they can be a force to be reckoned with. They are fiercely protective of their own.

Unusual Mannerisms: The Root Monkeys hate bananas. Of course it is not known why this is, but it is told that they hate to be thought of as normal monkeys, and are trying to break the stereotype. At the sight of a banana the Root Monkeys become unresponsive. If provoked with a banana, they will become very grouchy. If further provocation occurs, they become downright mean.

Mode of Speech - Accent: They are surprisingly intelligent (probably a byproduct of their scientific background) and are capable of a minimal amount of communication (mostly body language with some verbal grunting).

What makes them laugh: The Root Monkeys can be quite playful with each other. They will often use their large arms to hit each other out of trees, or walk with their bodies lifted completely upside down. They love entertaining their young, or the rare stranger that they become comfortable with.

Mode of Dress: Nothing but a little loincloth for modesty.

Their work: The Root Monkeys are peaceful and mostly quiet creatures. They have stuck together over the years, demonstrating tribe-like qualities. They rarely have any desire to interact with any other being, and spend most of their time foraging for food. Their diet consists of berries and insects, but occasionally if starved they will kill birds or rabbits to make their dinner.

Suggested gameplay role: As I don't know what the game is about, I would be hard pressed to say what role they would play in it. It would be wonderful for the player to reunite the scientist and the Root Monkeys, and receive something from the Root Monkeys in return. This wouldn’t have to be as complicated as it initially sounds, and could easily be a small mission. A flashback to their days in the lab would also be interesting.Or they could need medicine for an ill member of their tribe. It would also be great to see them in action somehow, but I don't know how this could be tied into the game.


Skid by Jean-Louis Sirois

Gender: Male (half-neutered)

Race/Species:  Mutt

Background:  Skid was run over by a car when he was a young pup.  He survived but was scarred with a tire mark running across his belly.  He has had a complex ever since of anything motorized.  His fear of cars overpowers even his endless appetite.

Extraordinary traits/Abilities:  Loyal.

Major deficiencies:  Paranoid.  Takes off running whenever he hears anything that sounds like an engine.

Favourite thing:  Food.

Physical attributes:  Round but solid.

Unusual mannerisms:  Can't sit still.  ADD.

What makes them laugh:  Knock knock jokes.

What makes them cry:  Any electric sound.  Even an electric toothbrush.

Suggested gameplay role:  Comic relief and loyal friend.



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